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Dialoc RF 9000S Two Electronic Article Surveillance - Antenna System

Dialoc RF 9000S Two Electronic Article Surveillance - Antenna System
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Model: Dialoc RF 9000S
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Maximum distance between antennas is 1.37m (4.5 feet).

Operates at 8.2Mhz.

High quality chrome plated steel with silver polish.

Safe to use with magnetic media.

Low maintenance.

Comes with two antennas and 110V Power supply.

Contact the loss prevention experts at or call             1 (416) 229 9902       for more detailed information about electronic article surveillance and a free consultation.


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How Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Works To Protect Your Property


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) uses technology to prevent shoplifting from retail stores, libraries and other locations. Overall, the system works by affixing tags to all merchandise. The store exits are then equipped with a detection system that can determine if the tags leave the store while they are still activated. When a customer purchases a product, the tag is either removed or deactivated, depending on the type of tag. Those products can then leave the store without problem, while products that still have active tags on them will result in an alarm or other alert that lets the store staff know that there is an issue.


EAS is vital technology that makes stopping shoplifting and theft much easier than it ever has been before.


There are several different types of electronic article surveillance systems. Books, smaller items, boxed items and other similar items often use stickers or other small tags. They usually operate on a magnetic system, an acousto-magnetic system or a radio-frequency (RF) system. These tags usually come in the form of strips or stickers that can be applied to an item either in the store or at the manufacturer's location. These tags are deactivated when an item is purchased and they often remain on the item as it leaves the store.


If you've ever found a small white sticker, a thin metal strip or a square RF sticker on an item that you have purchased, you have dealt with these EAS tags before.


There are also larger EAS tags that operate on a radio-frequency (RF) anti-shoplifting system. These typically come in the form of a bulky plastic tag that is often attached to clothing or similar articles. Apparel stores, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, luggage stores and other similar merchants often use these EAS tags on their merchandise. Microwave EAS systems can also be used on clothing in a similar manner.


These tags are reusable and are removed by cashiers or other store staff when an item is purchased. They can then be attached to a different piece of merchandise in the store. If you have ever seen a plastic tag hanging from a piece of clothing that was then removed using a special detacher, you have seen one of these EAS tags.


Almost everyone who has ever been to a store, library or other retail location has seen some form of EAS tag in action. Electronic article surveillance systems are very common and they are used in almost every type of store imaginable.


If you look around a shopping mall or other retail strip, you'll notice that the majority of stores have pillars, gates or other electronic article surveillance at the front doors of their property. This will show you how common the systems actually are. The reason that they are so common is because they are effective. Not only are the pillars at the front doora visible theft deterrent, but the actual tags themselves are deterrents as well. Shoplifters will not want to risk being caught and using an electronic article surveillance system in your store will let them know that you are serious about inventory control. They will think twice before attempting anything and often move on rather than risk being detected.


The systems themselves are incredibly effective as well. They immediately sound an audible alarm or siren when someone attempts to exit the store with unpurchased merchandise. By having a strong theft detection and theft deterrent system in place, you are protecting your property from shoplifters, thieves and other criminals.


It simply makes sense to have a strong system of electronic article surveillance in your store. If you are not employing EAS technology, you are falling behind. Criminals will recognize this weakness and work to exploit it by stealing merchandise. The cost of installing an EAS system is more than covered by the money you will save by preventing crime and theft in your store.


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